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Check out our products page and reap the best deal possible on existing titles and those titles that will be discontinued. Established titles may be at regular retail price or may be on sale, but those titles being discontinued are only $1.00 each. If you decide to buy a bundle of titles, and want to save on shipping cost, please contact me directly and I will make a deal.

You may also order through our distributor, Indigo's on-line book store by clicking on their link.

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Thank You

Rick Mousseau.

Good Day Associates, authors, clients and future acquaintances;

              RE: ‘Addressed Letter of Importance’


This letter is presented with regret. Without fanfare or ceremony, presenting a straightforward statement is prudent. Because of life’s randomness or maybe, because of its’ intent towards one’s health and economic existence, I need to rearrange personal priorities. Over the next months the publishing aspects of Moose Hide Books will be discontinued. Publishing rights will be offered back to the authors, in the form of buyback or release, or I may retain until my investments have been recouped. In-stock books will be offered for purchase by authors at a reduced cost, or may be offered for public sale at the same reduced rate. At all points in time and throughout procedures, I will offer assistance, knowledge, and encouragement to authors in hope that they will succeed. Completion of all aspects and transactions must be completed by December 1, 2015. Each situation will be different, and individual options we be addressed directly to associates.

There are a few associates that have failed to provide current contact information; to them I request that they contact me directly so that all legalities can be finalized without loss.

Moose Hide Books will continue to exist under an adjusted format. I will continue to hold publishing rights to titles that authors do not claim. I will distribute and sell titles at a reduced amount. I will continue to provide an editing service and mentor editing service. At all times I will provide assistance, insight and industry knowledge to past and future associates. I will provide reviews to those requesting assistance, provide story editing and mentor service for those wishing to polish their works, and I look forward to a continued association with associates. I will eagerly guide authors if requiring answers to industry and creative writing questions, and guide authors seeking self publishing or seeking to submit to agents and publishers. Remember that an edited and polished manuscript is essential before presenting to the reading public. Garbage does not sell and readers will be the strongest critic. We will be glad to assist you with a worthy product.


I personally thank you for the pleasure of reading your works and enjoying the privilege to assist authors’ in the advancement and enhancement of their works.


Publisher / Owner

Richard Mousseau



For authors seeking help, searching for avenues to learn the art of writing, an editing service, mentoring assistance, or a one on one question and answer session, we offer creative writing sessions. for further information click on the Resources tab for details.





For those interested in having their work story edited or would like to work with a mentor, see the Story editing, Mentor letter in the Resources Tab.

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