Gregg Seeley

When Gregg Seeley was a kid, his teachers, parents and friends said he was blessed with an over active imagination. It was often said that he lived in his own little world.

Growing up in many different places in Canada, Gregg had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of interesting characters and the not so pleasurable meeting of his share of bullies along the way. From this amazing mix of encounters and adventures comes the novel Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem . . . at last the dream to publish a novel about Big Bobby Boom! has finally come true!

Now, officially retired from proudly serving in the Canadian Military, a brief career as a supply teacher and a butcher, Gregg now robustly pursues retirement life with writing further additions to the ‘Big Bobby Boom!’ series, volunteering in schools, studying and practising the art of holistic healing ‘Reiki’ and the continuous pursuit of physical fitness.

Gregg currently resides in South Eastern Ontario, Canada with his wife Jen, their two sons Liam and Harrison and demanding family cat, Snowball.

Gregg Seeley
(and the Marble Mayhem)
ISBN 978-1-894650-75-5
136 pg. (5.5 X 8.5)
     Being an undersized kid can really stink. No one knows this better than Elliot Blue, who finds himself thrust into a new school in a new town where he already has been made a target by the self-proclaimed school bully, Big Bobby Boolacheck ‘Big Bobby Boom!’ and his two hench-boys Booker and Biff Muldoon. Elliot’s life is destined to be made miserable . . ..
    Lucky for Elliot, a cousin from the big city is coming to live with them for a while.  Soon enough, the perfect town of Bunsel, which had been ruled by the Boolacheck family for generations would experience something never before encountered, an eleven year old, streetwise, super prankster, by the name of Jimmy ‘the Slick’ Blue.
    In BIG BOBBY BOOM! AND THE MARBLE MAYHEM!, Author Gregg Seeley introduces us to a pair of unlikely heroes, Jimmy and Elliot Blue.
    “No way man! Not us! We’re heroes!” Jimmy exclaimed, sarcastically. “We stopped a bank robbery and rescued the town from another of those boring parades, the same one that this town has to watch over and over every year featuring the Boolachecks. They should be thanking us.”
    Theses characters do everything that I, as a kid, wished I could have done for adventure, not to mention being able to turn the tables on some of the bigger kids that verged on bullying.
    More adults should read this story and realize what goes on in the world of children, both good and bad events that mould children for adulthood.

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