Born and raised in the district of Algoma in Northern Ontario, Richard has no intention of moving away. The life style of rural and bush living suites the man bending over the age of sixty. Evident in most of the author’s written works reflects aspects of this Northern locale and of the characters resembling residents. There is no profound statement evident or hidden in his works. The simple presentation of telling a story is the most important ingredient.

Though single, an eye is open and wandering, hoping to glimpse a woman’s gaze. Lacking the rewards of children, operating a small farm, the resident animals become pals, antagonists, creatures of humour and at time sadness when aged. Often human characteristics can be viewed in the temperament and actions of the cows, goats, pigs, geese, rabbits, ducks and various chickens and show birds and injured wildlife that happens by, pigeons, ducks and geese. Farm life can be a life unto its’ own.

Life is a means of always sampling the possibilities and learning never ends and is always pursued. At a young age the guitar was learned and meshed with singing. Not satisfied, Richard began writing lyrics and composing music, the lead in to writing of prose and poetry. Not satisfied yet, the violin, harmonica, bass and sax were self taught. In need of a Hawaiian Steel guitar, one was designed and built. Then the banjo was learned in his forties, ukelele and piano added. What about the visual arts? Being a tradesman carpenter, wood working lead to relief carvings. In his late fifties, painting needed to be added, a means of adding fixtures of barns and northern scenery to blank wall space.

All of life’s endeavours are connected and Richard strives to learn from the past and adapt to the future, and each book, painting, carving and musical ability will improve and be better than the last. Being perfect is not the goal, it is the fun and pleasure gained in the travel. This attitude is why he assists others in learning the art of writing.

Richard Mousseau
ISBN 978-1-894650-87-8 Novel
All Ages 246 pg. (8 ½ X 5 ½ Trade Paper)
ISBN 978-1-894650-88-5 E-Book
All Ages 
    Soaring freely on wings of silky canvas fabric, a colourful kite of vivid hues is barely seen against a clear blue sky on an early September day.
    Higher than any of the other kites, it soars above the open fields, above kids resembling ants rushing about. Twenty assorted kites jostled for air currents and manoeuverability space. These kites sailing twice the height of the tallest eighty-foot White Pine. Higher above them floated a sky flyer, its fabric skin taunt against a warm updraft and wind. Stressed to the breaking point, the tethered line held fast to the kite’s structural frame.
    Lazy dog day afternoons are meant for relaxing in the last warmth of southern winds, and the town’s folks of Echo Bay cast inquisitive eyes towards the sky. Hugging the shoreline of Georgian Bay, a body of water connected to Lake Huron of the Great Lakes, there is a clear view of the open farm land leading to the water’s edge. Folks mingled, as those do on a Sunday afternoon, and cast an eye every once in a while towards the dancing kites above Old Man Barns’ empty farm field.
    This is one of those summers that becomes noted in everyone’s mind, and will be recalled in declining years of age.
    Air currents billowed the sky flyer’s fabric, tugging, trying to set it free. The wind is free to travel the earth, to visit places, to bring warmth or a blast of cold Arctic air. A gentle breeze will carry a butterfly lazily along an unplanned path. Able to be cruel, a wind will flatten crops and pry buildings from their foundations.
    Today the wind played fair, yet teased with a firmness. Sewed seams of fabric held fast around arched framing. Mankind designs and builds structures to withstand the elements. In turn, the forces of nature test mankind’s inventions. A bout of strength unfolded this September day of Nineteen-Ten. The sky flyer held fast to the tethered line. Three lines, one attached to each side  and one on the head of the kite, joined a centre ring coupled to the line earth bound.
    Higher than any of the other kites, the Sky Flyer waved its long tail of spinning fan blades. A rainbow of colours flashed from each decorated blade. Competing kids unreeled line in hopes of matching the sky flyer’s height. One by one the lines ended in a fastened knot around spool reels. Eyes fixated on the height of the sky flyer. Kids cheered, some were disgruntled when being intimidated by the sky flyer’s achievement. Town’s folk paused, shaded their eyes and oohed an awed with delight when seeing the display of playful kites. Some wished that their childhood could have been as adventurous and playful.
    This September of Nineteen-Ten is a momentous day.
    Boy, kids had fun back in the olden days, what a realistic fantasy story.
    I lived childhood days with no store bought toys, no money, no modern electronic gadgets and us kids had fun. Modern kids are missing out on life.
    Thanks for letting me relive my childhood days. I looked out of the window expecting to see kids and kites flying.
    At sixty, I want to go fly a kite!

Richard Mousseau
ISBN 978-1-927393-15-4 Book
ISBN 978-1-927393-16-1 E-Book
Fiction/hockey adventure
Book 168 pg. (5.5 X 8.5)
    Where is the passion for the playing of the game, the quality of play and the proudness of achieving the Stanley Cup? I must admit that every era of hockey, those that govern, those that play and those that observe have their faults, corruption, integrity, pleasures, success and defeats. For me it is the illusion of a child’s imagination of what the game meant that is lost.
    Currently, attention to hockey has been the status of jokes, puns, insinuations, making fun of and laughing at the fact that the Leafs will never win the Stanley Cup again. Life of others, that lack success is now associated in comparison to the lack of success of the Leafs, nil!! Yet fans of the  Leafs are steadfast and true. Imagine the bragging rights of true fans if the Leafs succeeded. Not one to be boisterous and visually or verbally exuberant, I would be one to root for the underdog and be pleased to see the Leafs win.
    Headlines blossomed when the end of the Twenty-twelve regular season left the Leafs at the bottom of the  basement in points. A frustrated owner, when bombarded with questions that contained more innuendoes, snubs and jokes than actual interest in acquiring in-depth insight, sneered. A mad dog’s growl and foaming jowls will silence the bravest person. Sports reporters stood stiffly, mouths agape and arms holding microphones extended waiting for the Leafs’ owner, Mr. Smithe sputter a marketable quote.
    “Basement bargain price, Leafs for sale!”
    Anything is possible.
    This will never happen.
    You never know until they try.


Richard Mousseau
ISBN 978-1-927393-00-0 Book 96 pg. (8.5 X 5.5)
ISBN 978-1-894650-99-1 E-Book
Fiction adventure
    Cuthburt was the only weak link in a suitable situation for all. He alone could demand the termination of birth. Unlikely, for this would bring out the possibility of a scandalous exposure. By demanding that everyone keep their mouths shut then no one outside of Cuthburt’s inner circle would know. Would he love the child and embrace as a true bloodline. Edmond Baptist definitely thought not. the impression of Cuthburt’s affections was cold, caring only for protocol and what reflected well upon him. Given the opportunity, Edmond surmised that Cuthburt would overthrow all procedures in favour of making Winston of Scott the next King of England. Claiming the throne himself would allow himself to be able to formulate means to decide who would be his successor.
    The royal family is redundant, and maybe this story will plant the seed of change.
    I think this has happen in the past history of all royalty and I think it just could happen today. I would root for the under-dog. Long live the commoner.
    Not a fan of royalty, yet I was rooting for the Princess and the commoner, after all the Princess once had commoner beginnings. 

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Richard Mousseau
A.K.A. Cheeks-Too-Soft
ISBN 978-1-927393-01-7 Book
ISBN 978-1-927393-02-4 E-Book
Story poetry/fiction/adventure
Book 104 pg. (5.5 X 8.5)
    Legendary cowboy, Cheeks-Too-Soft relaxes in semi-retirement on the porch of a weathered old barn-board cabin to reminisce on the life of being a cowboy. From a book of collections of cowboy poetry, Cheeks will recite tales of adventure, love, lost love, dreams and the wide open spaces of riding to the next round up, the next meal and bedding down by a warm fire. Drop by, sit awhile, drift into the mystic essence of a cowboy-cowgirl’s world. Everyone can be a cowboy-cowgirl or dream of being a part of the lifestyle of the men and women that created the western ensemble.
    I was chocking on the dust and humour of the poems that give a realistic and a romantic twist to the cowboy life.
    I laughed myself silly, then a poem came along that twisted emotions into my heart that tears blur my eyes no matter how often I reread.
    A collection of cowboy poetry for everyone from intellectuals to children and men that never read, to a house wife like me that needs a short poem to boost happiness, thank you.

Richard Mousseau
ISBN 978-1-927393-22-2 Book
ISBN 978-1-927393-23-9 E-Book
Cowboy Poetry
My pony’s bridle lays across a hay bail.
A black saddle straddles a fence post rail.
From blurry eyes a tear drop may fall.
Ghostly apparitions of a memory to recall.

In days of youth mounting from fence rails,
rider on pony would wander endless trails.
My mount would forever faithfully guide,
when crossing haunted badlands at a stride.
    I am delighted by the romanticism of the poetry, making light of the hardships.
    I want to be a cowboy and live in the romantic era of open trails and endless plains.
    The cowboy life is humourous when looked at by Mr. Cheeks-Too-Soft.

Richard E. Mousseau
ISBN. 0-9684909-3-X
Novel, Biography, 182 pg. (12 years to adult)

      The Author retells his memories of growing up on Roosevelt Street from the years 1956 to 1965. In a steel town in Northern Ontario, Canada the Author and the many kids that lived on Roosevelt Street go through their childhood years. Every kid has adventures, fun and excitement when growing up. Follow the kids as they explore their neighbourhood, the wilderness around and them selves. Read what thoughts a kid of the fifties and sixties remembers about events, friends and himself. A story for adults who want to linger back to an innocent age to remember being a kid. Kids of today will get a feeling of how their parents grew up.
    Thinking back now after reading Roosevelt Street, I had a great time growing up. Similar events happened to me. Thanks for rekindling those memories.
    I had lost touch with my memories of growing up on Roosevelt Street. I cried after reading about myself in those stories. I am sad that I have moved so far away from home.
    A great simple story. There should be more books of simple innocence.

Richard E. Mousseau
ISBN. 0-9698319-8-6
Novel, Fiction, 209 pg. (16 years to adult)

    Steeltown captures the tragedies in a steel mill town. Follow the lives of four young friends struggling to overcome the pressures of growing up. Who will survive the perils of innocence? Do accidents become the mysteries of rumours of murder. In a steel town hidden behind the walls of a steel mill, murder is not an accident. Live the lives of four young men as they work their first summer in a steel mill of Steeltown. Times can be good, bad and ugly. You will laugh and cry for the boys. The women of Steeltown are not, innocent bystanders, they are sometimes the cause of man’s turmoil. Steeltown will shock you.
    A realistic account of young friendship.
    For two days of reading, this book flowed like a movie.
    A-one-of-a-kind novel, I was not disappointed, I could not put it down, wanting to read just a little further.
    After reading of the tragedies that occurred in Steeltown, I was afraid to seek my first summer job in a local steel plant.

Richard E. Mousseau
ISBN. 0-9681852-8-2
Novel, Fiction, 219 pg. (16 years to adult)  

    Only two boys from Steeltown have survived. The past has affected their lives. Living and working in a steel mill town is the cause of past and future events in their lives. Salami is unable to settle down to a married life and is too eager to follow the free spirit of his friend Boo. Leaving town seems to be their only way out, an escape. To escape from what or whom? There are those who wish to even up past scores. They are willing to follow to extremes in order to inflict terror and pain on Salami and Boo. To what end is in store for two friends wishing only to escape the confines of working in a steel mill. Will they be able to escape those Steeltown Blues?
    My hopes for the boys were dashed during the reading of the last few pages.
    I felt hurt and angry when I read about Boo and Salami, boys I enjoyed following page after page.
    Through the whole book, I felt as if I were travelling and living the excitement and disappointments of life alongside of the boys.


Theatre Plays by Richard Mousseau

Details can be viewed on the Products.

A Hockey Night In Canada


Leave Me to Cry


Mr. Cheeks Too Soft

On With the Show

Three Plays By Me

Just the Kind Of Man I Need

Ho . . . Ho . . . Hold On!

Richard Mousseau
ISBN 978-1-927393-29-1 Book 116 pg. (8.5 X 5.5)
ISBN 978-1-927393-30-7 E-Book
Novel, Biography. (All ages)
Expectations of what was to be seen reflecting off of the smooth surface of the water trough was not to be. Clear blue-green water, filled to the brim clearly showed an aged face of a man mystified by a personal image. Hints of specific features were reminiscent of Father’s, the family’s inherited nose, dad’s black eyes in furrowed brows and even Mother’s hidden silent humour.
    Where had the years gone? Brows furrowed and clouding orbs peered through slits of eye lids in an attempt to view the years displaying events hovering over a green pasture. Bits of recalled memories drift in and out of the mind’s eye, though not in chronicle order. Dates and years as mixed up as the faces of people at various stages of life. Faces were familiar though names were difficult to recall. Dates, years and ages were non existent. The stories were most prevalent, most vivid with minute details and background facts connected to others and their stories.
Farm animals; their personalities and stories also intermingled in time frames of Ed’s life, maybe more affectionate than family and close friends. Animals are funny, serious and emotional.
A wonderful reflection of how mankind begins to understand and compare the animal world and the human world.
Sometimes the simple life is just as interesting as the great adventures; and farm life can be comical and heart warming when dealing with farm animals.Double-click to edit text, or drag to move.



Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-39-0 Book 

ISBN 978-1-927393-40-6 e-book

Fiction, mystery, horror, psychic dreams. (adult)

A cold sweat accompanied a haunting sensation when Ed’s body sprang up from the bed. Open eyes greeted complete darkness of the room. The subconscious mind in control of sleeping hours fought for possession against a waking consciousness. Ed could not distinguish between reality and fabricated dreams.

He was there on Roosevelt Street back in nineteen-forty-eight, fives years before feeling the chill of autumn at his birth in September, in the year of nineteen-fifty-three.

Ed could not understand why he could not shake off the dream, why it haunted the reality of consciousness.

Eighteen years had lapsed since Ed had resided on the gravel street.

Yet, there was an aurora that encircled the wooded playground; sometimes gleeful, sombre, chilling and when the gloominess of a rainy day prevailed, Ed would pass by on the farthest shoulder to hold at bay the haunting mist rising from the woods.

A man has dreams that are so convincing that he believes that events have occurred in reality. He seeks help from a psychiatrist, who in turn involves a detective and a lawyer. Everyone is convinced that the man has committed a murder, though the man states that the murder was committed in a dream, on the day that he was born.


It is amazing how frightening a book can be when the premise of the horror is self created in the mind of the character, and now my lingering thoughts are beginning to scare me.

Yes, fright can be created in one’s own mind and being locked in a dream where you can not wake is similar to being buried then finding out you are alive. Our own thoughts can be the worst of nightmares.

Crap, I am scared to go to bed for fear of having the same dream as the author.



Richard Mousseau

ISBN 978-1-927393-46-8 book

ISBN 978-1-927393-47-5 e-book

Short story collection, fiction, adventure, drama, comedy. 188pg. (all ages)

                A person’s life is a daily accumulation of events, emotions, dreams, true stories and fictional stories. At a point in time when an advanced age is achieved, memories become mingled and sometimes facts become blurred, that of truth and fiction, and sometimes, as is the case of a writer, made-up stories. This book is a collection of stories that I have accumulated over the years, presented as fragmentation of life, what was experienced, observed, and created from an imaginative mind. I present adventure, drama, comedy, true stories and fiction. It will be left to the reader to decide which story is true and which is fiction.


An enjoyable read, I was never bored. These stories cover the spectrum of life and genre.

This is what I like, short stories that have depth, and can be read over and over, and I never tire of selecting a story and reading again. Mystery, adventure, comedy, children stories, crime, drama, inspirational, mystic, and tall tales, the writer covers all. Theses stories are so varied that I am eager to get to the next story. A fulfilling read.

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