Maria Monaco

Father would whip out the New York Times when-ever we entertained visitors.

The reason was to have me read from a randomly selected paragraph.

‘Impressive’ stated the voices as they eyed Maria, a mere five-year-old, yet to be enrolled in kindergarten.

Being obsessed with paper and pencils, tiny fingers began to write what stories the mind conjured up.

Reading seemed to be an obsession throughout Maria’s life.

Foregoing the desire of obtaining a Masters Degree, relishing in the passion of a child and family and struggling though the many odd jobs required to sustain a writing career, Maria has penned works of delight.

Leading her along the path to her next adventure, Blackthorn Island pulsates with creatures of the earth.
Maria Monaco
ISBN 1-894650-41-7
Published July 1, 2004
Novel, Fiction, Juvenile, 124 pg.

     On Blackthorn Island where humans have found life pleasurable, and the land is fertile, where crops are abundant, they are well settled. Also finding the island to their liking are beings not human. In the forest, in the lakes, under the earth are Trolls, fairies, both good and evil. After centuries of living separately in their own worlds on Blackthorn Island, the two worlds collide. Blackthorn Island is in turmoil, and those most affected are the young, those easily taken by the evil creatures of Blackthorn Island. Deep beneath the earth’s surface, living in the depths of the clay and dirt, are rare creatures . . . Hobgoblins . . . Nerilocks . . . dwellers of the inner world of Blackthorn Island . . . they do exist.
    I have dreamt dreams like this story, maybe this story is true.
    The creatures have been described exactly as I have seen them. This story sent chills down my back. I do not look into holes.

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