Dorthy A. Kemp

Youthful dreams consisted of becoming a writer, instead I have waited until well after retirement to pen my own history.

    What happened between the intent to be a writer and fulfilling a dream? Well I became a teacher of thirty-eight years, a wife, a mother of two sons, a grandmother and a vessel of memories.

    In my early years I became a Minister’s wife, a teacher in small area schools, juggling both a Ministry and arriving children.

    Now in my senior years I encourage my growing family, serving in my church and living vicariously in my love of Victorian homes and English gardens through study of magazines and books on these subjects.

    Now that my first efforts are contained between the covers of this book, my aspiration is to continue to write non-fiction.

    I look forward to the future.

Dorothy Ann Kemp
ISBN 1-894650-44-1
Published March 1, 2005
Novel, Autobiography, 140 pg.

    Dorothy A. Kemp relates her impressions of life and of the times between 1928 - 2004. Dorothy - an African-American gives you a view of life through her eyes, her experiences of being a student, teacher, wife, mother and grandmother. Life lingers around and in the turmoil, joys, failures and successes of life in and around the small towns of Missouri. The author relates womens’ issues, country living, sex, racism, Church values, education and her personal revelations of having seen, experienced, and overcoming those struggles to achieve a satisfied life. A triumphant life is built upon the small stones gathered along one’s life. Dorothy A. Kemp gathered a foundation from her ancestors and is now the foundation for the future of her descendants.
    When reading through this book I found that I was right there at the time. I lived through those times and this book brought those memories out. Yes it was a time of struggle and strife. Well worth living and reading through the memories of the author.

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