Robin E. Forester

Often a person’s life is drastically different when living in a different place than the place of his birth.

Robin migrated to Southern Ontario from the costal city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. What he took with him was memories of life, locale and history.

Together with a loving wife they raised three children while living in Toronto and Hamilton. When their children were young, Robin was disappointed to find out that there was a lacking of children and juvenile adventure stories.

Suddenly those memories of the costal life along Canada’s Atlantic shore unfolded in his mind. Within his writings he was home and began to unravel stories of a maritime life and locale mingled with fictional adventures.

Rusty Butt was born and his adventures fill files in Robin’s writing room.
RUSTY BUTT (Treasure of the Ocean Mist)
ISBN 1-894650-51-4
Novel, Fiction, Adventure, 138 pg, (juvenile to adult)

    Herman Bottoms plopped his butt onto a stool across from Rusty Butt.
    "Hey, Herman. How's it going'? I've got an idea. How would you like to help me find a pirate's treasure? It would be easy for two smart guys like us. From what I've been able to find out there are caves around here overflowing with chests full of gold and jewels, suits of armour made of solid silver - you've probably heard the stories, right? - and daggers and swords with hilts encrusted with rubies and diamonds that had once belonged to a Spanish Prince. We'll be the richest kids in the world."
    By the time he finished, Herman was ready to grab his backpack and head for the hills.
    Rusty took him by the arm and sat him down by the box he used as a desk. "But first, we have to make the partnership official by forming a company-a secret company. I've already thought up a name for it; The Butt and Bottoms Treasure Hunters and Detective Agency. The Main business will be for the companies detectives, that's us, to search the neighbourhood for clues that will lead the treasure hunters, that's us too, to buried treasure."
    "The Butt and Bottoms what?" Herman asked excitedly.
    "The Butt and Bottoms Treasure Hunters and Detective Agency," Rusty repeated.
    Herman inched closer, hanging onto Rusty's every word.
    "Okay, rule number one, everything has to be a secret, just between us."
    Herman looked at Rusty with just a trace of mistrust in his expression.
    "Oh yeah, and hers's a good one. No girls allowed, not even considered. Any suggestions?"
    Herman thought for a moment. "Nope," he said, "sounds good to me."
    What an adventure, everything I had dreamt of when I was a kid. I enjoyed reading to my own child.
    A perfect adventure story, filled with ghosts, pirates, bad men, girls, treasures and most of all an adventure I wish I had when I was a kid. I hope that my children have only a fraction of adventure.
    I was disappointed to see that the only girl in the story was not included in the adventure. She had better be in the next story because she has more clues to future pirates treasure.

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