Robert Dunbar
Karen Scioli

Emmy Award winner Karen Scioli hosted Saturday Night Dead, a Philadelphia-based horror movie program for six years.  In the decade since, she has appeared in plays and independent films as well as on a variety of television and radio programs.  (Can one “appear” on radio?)  There is absolutely no truth to those rumors about an Algerian brothel.

Novelist Robert Dunbar has been a guest on dozens of television shows, on one of which he met Karen Scioli.  His life in shards, he has tried to carry on.  Delaware Valley Magazine referred to his novel The Pines as “a literary masterpiece,” and The Philadelphia Inquirer called it “superb.”  It sold eleven copies.  Currently, he writes daytime television programs (mostly for PBS and Discovery).  According to his parole officer, Dunbar is doing extremely well on methadone.
Robert Dunbar - Karen Scioli
ISBN 1-894650-33-6
Drama, comedy , 1 female lead; 1 male lead.
56 pg, (adult)

    Prologue; Scream Queens 101: An introduction by a somber man educating the audience before the main play. He gives an academic appreciation of Horrifying women. 
    On a dark lonely night when only the flutter of bats wings are heard, a B-Movie Queen chronicles her life. From her earliest days on the set of her first horror film, to her rule as a reigning Diva of dread, she relates her life to us. In the mist of her lonely cavern, she tells of her dark nights as a nearly forgotten icon. Her career long over, her glamour fading, alone, forsaken, swimming in the depths of red wine, the Queen of horror dictates her memories into a tape recorder and becomes lost in her memories. The Queen of B-Movies languishes over her dead career hoping for an illusive come back, to rise again from the depths of the departed.
    Simple set; play book $12.55; Royalties; first performance $35.00; each additional performance $25.00.

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