David Cornell

David was welcomed to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1933, graduated from Little Rock High School in 1951 and began a military enlistment in the Marine Reserve at age sixteen, two years in the regular Army, then the Air Force Reserves, receiving Honourable discharges from each.

Married in 1957 to wife, Louise, they are adding years onto their forty-six-years. Within those years David retired in 1998 from a career as a technician, dispatcher and service manager in the office machines sector. David has lived the gambit from manual typewriters to adding machines, microfilm equipment, to computerized technology.

Sidelined by three back operations, David, inspired by Louise, began counted cross stitching, often spending two hundred and fifty hours on a single product.

Acting on a lingering whim, David began writing western stories, finishing three manuscripts within a year. What amount of stories lay waiting to be written?

David E. Cornell
ISBN 1-894650-49-2
Fiction, Western Adventure
151 pg. (5.5 X 8.5) $12.95 Can
(SALE $1.00)
    Dave laughed with a gruesome tone vibrating deep within his throat, “You are a liar.  There were three of them against three of us, and their draw was too slow.  I take it that you’re ready to join your nephew and his friends?  Make your play.  NOW!”
    The stranger, blinked just as his hand yanked the pistol from its holster.  But before his thumb released the hammer, Dave’s hands flashed to the Colts, drew, and fired, putting two bullets into the other man’s chest.  The body was thrown back with a surprised expression of death frozen on his face.  Dave dropped both pistols back into their holsters, as if not wanting anyone to see them in his hands. Most folks did not see the sudden, quick exchange of gun fire.  Those close stood bewildered, others familiar with a quick draw were amazed by the speed and accuracy of Edwards’ draw.
    A nice simple western where good overcomes evil men. With excitement I followed along with Dave the dust choking in my throat.
    On a cold winter’s day, I enjoyed reading about cowboys being cowboys in the old west duelling pistols in the dryness of the western plains in the late eighteen hundreds.

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