moose Brannigan, a first time author of the western genre has always loved the cowboy way of life and the mystic lure of the west. Though an Easterner, his imagination lives the cowboy life. Like all of those people that dabble in the western style, Moose Brannigan lives on a farm-ranch with animals of all sorts and spends time observing and picturing his farm and animals and his-self in scenes of the old west, thus comes the writings of his western cowboy stories. He does hope to begin a second novel to accompany his first 'ASSAULT'. 

Moose Brannigan
ISBN 978-1-927393-03-1 Book 96 pg. 98.5 X 5.5)
ISBN 978-1-927393-04-8 E-Book
Western /adventure
    Cuthburt, Duke of Wales will stop at nothing to sustain his placement and status in the Royal court and will vengefully dispose of Baptist who has assaulted the Duchess of Scott. Across continents of the eighteen-sixties and the cultures of British aristocrats and the uncivilized west of Canada, Cuthburt will demand retribution. Cuthburt alone will demand that only a true bloodline exists and that his son, Duke Winston, and Duchess of Scott produce a child to carry on the royal lineage. Baptist, a trapper, is thrown into a mix of deceit and revenge, yet holds true to his easy going nature and ability to foil a nemesis who tries to rule all beneath his Royal position. Cuthburt shall fail.
    All through history, royalty has been as ruthless and deceiving as a scoundrel, ruling to their own code. Nice to see a commoner put them in their place without being crass.

    History has repeated itself over and over and royalty has made the same mistakes and are no better than a common criminal. Nice to see a decent commoner rise above, Baptist is the good guy.

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