Lesley Belleau
Lesley Belleau
ISBN 1-894650-01-8
Play, fiction, 100 pg. (60 to 90 min) (12 years to adult)

    Comedy; 4 female leads, 6 male leads. Nettie is trying to study for her final exams for her university courses when her mother and little sister arrive unexpectedly. Soon Nettie finds that she has no time to study with the antics that have suddenly occurred within the confines of her small apartment. With her sister being a party girl and her mother, a closet gambler, they both unknowingly take her good hospitality for granted. Nettie grows increasingly disturbed and nervous about her exams. To make matters worse, her older pregnant sister arrives with some shocking news that upsets the entire family. With her family around, and the chaotic antics surrounding them, Nettie becomes a nervous wreck and finally loses patience, resulting in a very unusual outcome for her.
    Simple set; play book $8.95; Royalties; First performance $45.00; Each additional performance $35.00.

Lesley Belleau
ISBN 1-894650-00-X
Play, Fiction, 116 pg. (120 min) (16 years to adult)

    Drama; 5 female leads; 12 male leads. A dramatic story of a young girl, being half-Native and half-Caucasian, is in a struggle between each culture. Different ideals have been pressing her mind during her entire life. She is now at the point where she feels she must find her path, know who she is as a woman. During this quest for identity, she must come to terms with religion, abuse of Native people, her father and mother’s past issues, and find self worth within this controversy. She must struggle through the experiences of mental anguish and face head-on the issues that she has been avoiding her entire life. She finds herself surviving in a strange manner of being. It is too late to make amends in the present. Through her experiences she has found the strength to be herself. A little too late. Left behind are the others that have entwined their lives with hers.
    Simple set; play book $9.95; Royalties; First performance $45.00; Each additional performance $35.00.

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